A Typical day in the Life of a Lebanese in Beirut

A Typical day in the Life of a Lebanese in Beirut

Every day I arrive at work in Beirut real early. So I take the opportunity to gaze around me, and just feel blessed that I’m  part of such a mesmerizing and contradictory city. You see Beirut… man it gives you mixed feelings. Some days I’m so in love with it, other days I just curse the moment I decided to step in and take that drive downtown. Beirut, I curse it and bless it probably a thousand times a day… but oh well! We’re here to talk about the magical day in the life of a Beirut citizen. It’s a A Typical day in the Life of a Lebanese in Beirut!

How I start My Day

So first thing I do is step out of the bus at the beginning of Beirut duty-free area. I take a breath and then depending on how much time’s left for me to reach work I just start walking. I keep walking and contemplating around me. Those beautiful old buildings and the peaceful look on harbored ships make me feel nostalgic. I feel homesick to a time I wasn’t even born during yet. When I really have some time on my plate, I really enjoy walking the distance all the way to work. I can’t explain it but just doing that makes me feel like I’m a tourist in my country! This feeling never leaves my body and soul because every and each day I tend to discover something new.

The Magic as I Walk

As I keep walking down the street of Martyrs square, I pass by Mohammad Al Amine Mosque which is a Muslim’s place of prayer and worship famous for its yellowish out-walls and its blue top. I exclaim at the details of that marvelous architecture and the fact that the colors are well blended with Beirut. Next to it, rises the Saint George Maronite Cathedral and so it hits you; No matter how racist you are and how indifferent you are towards Beirut, you can’t but bow  in respect for that mixture of both architecture and religious compassion. I mean if a Mosque and a Church stand together next to each other.. Who are we to hate one another?? Moving on, I kept walking.

Once I reach work

Every time I reach work, it hits me that my morning with Beirut is over… that is until I reach my floor. So the elevator opens and I get to enter my work site. A huge office overlooking my love, my Beirut. Let’s keep in mind that I might have sworn Beirut off the roof because of that insane traffic. Maybe because I miss her so much I can’t wait to meet with her! Anyway, I get to my desk and start thinking how blessed I am. I can’t worry about the lack of inspiration. Every time I feel blank or out of ideas, it only goes down to one look and I’m all recharged again.

A Lunch Break Like NO Other

I learned recently from some colleagues that the rooftop is open for everyone. What more can I ask for to spend 1 hour alone with Beirut?! I just can’t wait to grab my lunch, head up and soak myself in the sun. All while overlooking the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen! The way traditional and modern blend together makes my heart skip a beat.  just really start imagining how it could have been in the 60s & 70s era…. I think I’m in love!

Time to go home

Once I realize I have to leave, it breaks my heart to get out. I take a walk back, the same road I took in the morning and try to soak up the views as I return home. Or not home. My home is where I feel at my best, where everything fascinates me and more importantly, where I feel comfortable and at peace. Unlike everyone leaving their home in the morning and returning at night, every day I come home early dawn and leave it heartbroken and hopeful to return again ♥

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