This is how people celebrate Easter Food Traditions around the world!

This is how people celebrate Easter Food Traditions around the world!



It is a time for delicious treats and never ending Easter Food Traditions. Every Christian family around the world gathers on this holy day to celebrate around a table full of yummy food. Each family celebrates depending on their country tradition. In Lebanon we celebrate around grilled ham and lamb, raw meat such as kibbeh and kafta nayye (raw) and of course the star of our cuisine, the Tabbouleh Jat (Serving bowl)! But people around the world celebrate differently you know, and I’ll be listing some ideas that can add a small twist to our table below!

Here are some of our favorite Easter Food Traditions:

  • TSOURÉKI (Greek Easter Bread)


This mouthwatering loaf is served over Easter in Greece. Hence, it dates since the Byzantine era traditionally served with eggs and tastes a bit like the infamous French brioche. You will absolutely love how overwhelmed it is with the beautiful essence of makhlépi which is the seed of Mediterranean cherries!

  • L’AGNEAU PASCAL  (French Lamb leg)



For this mouthwatering French Easter feast you will only need 4 ingredients in addition to the lamb leg: salt, pepper, garlic, olive oil.You can add rosemary to your liking but only when marinating or at the end of the cooking process  to avoid an unpleasant taste.


  • ADVOCAAT (Netherlands Easter Shake)



Eggs, sugar, and brandy. Combined, these 3 ingredients create a traditional Easter beverage that’s similar to eggnog. You can serve it during Easter as a drink or waffles topping.

  • EASTER HAM (United States of America)





Depending on your liking, the classic American dish can be sweet, glazed, or even spicy. Hence, it’s perfect for when you’re looking for a sweet-and-savory meat that turns into leftovers for days!

  • BIALY BARSZCZ (Poland)



This savory soup includes food that Polish people had blessed at church on Easter Sunday. This combination might include sausage, eggs and butter. The most delicious lunch starter you’ll ever taste!





And that’s a wrap folks! We were introduced to 5 different lunch elements from around the world that could add a little twist to our table. If you came this far, you rock! Check out my Instagram accounts @naturallycooking and @reeatingbeirut for pictures you might not see on this website. Until Next Time! ♥

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