My Lazy Meals & Dishes for Dinner

Here are my favorite Lazy Meals & Dishes for Dinner!


My Lazy Meals & Dishes for Dinner could save you A LOT of time; Especially when you don’t feel like working off the kitchen and preparing a feast every day.


Sometimes I feel lazy and hungry at the same time (most of the time lol). And for that specific reason, I always have few recipes ideas stashed somewhere in my head; So I decided to share them with you and I hope they could help you as much as they helped me!


Disclaimer: The following recipes are not all healthy. Please make sure to indulge in them moderately every once in a while and exercise accordingly.


Check out My Lazy Meals and Dishes for Dinner!


Tagliatelle with a bechamel sauce

My Lazy Meals & Dishes for Dinner

So my favorite dinner idea when I feel too lazy to cook has got to be Tagliatelle with a bechamel sauce. I have no idea what went through my mother’s mind when she first fed me this dish but she had no idea what she put herself into. She usually bakes it and spends all morning crafting it. I on the other hand boil some pasta and have stashed ready to cook bechamel powder to which I add some milk. I boil the whole over medium heat while stirring constantly until thick then toss with the pasta. DELICIOUS!

Frozen pastry

My Lazy Meals & Dishes for Dinner

Then comes my second lazy dish. I am a big sucker for frozen pastry. I keep few boxes of frozen pizza, pies and cheese puffs in my fridge (for emergencies you know). And they never fail me when I crave carbs after work! Oven preheated, I defrost my pastry for 30 minutes. Then I bake for 8 minutes tops before serving (to myself) with a side of Rocca salad. YUMMY


My Lazy Meals & Dishes for Dinner

It’s not always about carbs you know. Sometimes I come home craving simple salads. You know, greens and all kinds of vegetables tossed in a big bowl. That’s why my fridge is never out of rocca, lettuce, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. I usually toss the whole in a large mixing bowl then add a tsp of soy sauce, a tsp of mustard and a tbsp of ranch salad dressing. You can always add a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt but I personally think that the salad would already be salty considering the soy sauce and salad dressing.

Grilled meat

My Lazy Meals & Dishes for Dinner

I love grilled meat. Like if you ask me what would make me happy besides pizza and pasta, it would definitely be narrowed to one of two answers: grilled chicken or grilled steak. Nothing is easier (and lazier) than seasoning a bunch of steaks or chicken breasts with salt, pepper and oil. Throw them on the grill and cook until well done. Serve with a lettuce/rocca salad. Bon appetit!


And that my dears is my go to guide when feeling lazy or just out of time. And the best part is you can alternate sauces and seasonings according to your liking! That way you won’t feel like you’re eating the same dish over and over again. Happy Cooking!


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