Le Gourmet Burger: A Burger Joint from Montreal to Lebanon

Le Gourmet Burger Review based on Delivery (Le Quebecois -Beef & Le Classic – Chicken)


I will always order Le Gourmet Burger from now on. Here’s the thing: I always forget something. Sometimes I leave my keys inside (Thank God for mom) , sometimes it slips my mind to grab my lunchbox on the way to work… AND some days,!… I just forget both! Just like today…!

So anyway, we decided to grab a bite at work and came across this mouthwatering burger shot on Instagram. We started to drool and couldn’t wait till the clock stroked 12:00

We ordered Le Quebecois and Le Classic Burger for me without the bacon (I know it felt weird to me too but I just wasn’t feeling like adding bacon…) Moving on, we awaited a more than enough period of time before receiving cold meals.

Now the following review is based on a first time Delivery and two different opinions:

  • Le Quebecois: As excited as we were and as tempting as the ingredients were, we felt like there was barely any gravy if no gravy at all. The burger that should be based on the famous poutine and include fries, poutine cheese and gravy consisted of a meat patty, a lettuce leave, a slice of pickles and a slice of tomato. This should not be acceptable when you aim to serve the tastiest burger in town! #NCNeedsImprovements
  • Le Classic: I was feeling a bit more like chicken and decided to go for this version of the signature burgers. Now this burger was one of the heavenliest lunches I’ve ever had and despite being a little cold, I still enjoyed every single bite. It consisted of a mustard sauce, pickles, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, cheddar cheese and a chicken patty. It usually is served with Turkey Bacon but I decided to pass today #NCRecommended!



We loved the packaging concept and thought it was cool that the boxes opened up like blooming flowers. And the fries are a complete different story. We could go on and on about how much we loved these crunchy, yet salty and buttery french fries that wake up home sickness and the need to indulge in more.

Our overall experience is to be re-done very soon for a better judgement


All in all, I personally enjoyed my experience with Le Gourmet burger. We will make sure we visit on the spot to experience our wildest cravings while hot!

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